Aoshima 1/350 NIPPON MARU New

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Aoshima 1/350 NIPPON MARU

The Nippon Maru is a renowned Japanese sailing ship, primarily used for training purposes. It was originally constructed in 1930 for the Imperial Japanese Navy and served as a training vessel for naval cadets. This four-masted barque features square sails on the fore and main masts and fore-and-aft sails on the mizzen and jigger masts. While it was designed as a sailing ship, it was also equipped with engines for propulsion.

After World War II, the Nippon Maru was transferred to the Japanese Ministry of Transportation and found various applications, including fisheries research and training. In the 1960s, it was repurposed as a training ship for the Japanese National Institute for Sea Training (NIST), an institution dedicated to maritime education. Throughout its history, the Nippon Maru has symbolized Japan's maritime heritage and has been used for diplomatic, cultural, and public events. The ship has undergone multiple renovations to ensure its seaworthiness and preserve its historical significance. It remains an important cultural and historical icon, representing Japan's strong connection to the sea and its maritime traditions.