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Alternity Adventure Game Rpb2

The Year Is 2268, and Humans Have Settled Mars, the Asteroid Belt, and The Moon Systems of The Outer Planets. on Neptune's Moon Triton, a Mysterious Alien Gate Leads to A Network of Wormholes Spanning Hundreds of Star Systems. but This Is a Dangerous Time to Be Alive: Crime Lords, Despotic Governments, and Corrupt Megacorps Are All Fighting to Control the Future. Choose Your Friends--And Enemies--Carefully.

The Protostar Mission Guide Is the First Supplement and Perfect Companion for The New Alternity Science Fiction Roleplaying Game from Sasquatch Game Studio. This Adventure Anthology and Campaign Sourcebook Includes:

  • An Overview of The Power Groups, Villains, and Technology of The Protostar Setting.
  • A Description of The Solar System in The 23rd Century.
  • Five Ready-To-Play Adventure Episodes Set in The Solar System ... and Beyond, Written by Richard Baker, David Noonan, Stephen Schubert, Steve Townshend, and Steve Winter.