AK Interactive Wrecked Planes - Aviones Destrozados New

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A different approach to the aircraft modelling.

Lovers of weathering will enjoy all the effects reproduced on these airplanes, depicted as shot down, damaged or abandoned.

On 11 different examples we present different techniques to replicate the decline of these iron birds.

Some of the best modelers around the world have prepared this original book.



– AERO L-29 DELFÍN | Daniel Zamarbide
– LOCKHEED F-104 STARFIGHTER | Fabrizio Mercuri – Fabio Mosca
– A-4N SKYHAWK | Christoff Theunissen
– PIPER PA-25 “PAWNEE” | Ugur Kenel
– MESSERSCHMITT ME 163B | Aitor Azkue
– MITSUBISHI A6M5 ZERO | Kristof Pulinckx
– YAKOVLEV YAK-3 | Daniel Zamarbide
– PBY CATALINA | Roberto Ballesteros
– GRUMMAN S-2A TRACKER | René van der Hart
– LIGHTNING F.2A/F.6 | Juan Villegas