AK Interactive USAF Asia Minor Scheme Set NEW

$ 25.00 CAD

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This set includes the four colors that are indispensible for painting models of aircraft camouflaged in the USAF Asia Minor scheme. This camouflage finish was applied to all Iranian combat aircraft since around 1965. This included the earlier supplied F-86Fs (some of which were delivered to Ethiopia in 1970), and the F-5A/B, F-4D/E and F-14A aircraft. It was also used on Jordanian F-5A/Bs, some of which were sold to Greece in 1980s. Our Real Colors are the highest quality acrylic lacquer paints, made from a chemical formula that is improved over other brands in the market. They spray through an airbrush in a silky smooth manner, and adhere to the surface and dry perfectly with a soft satin finish. These paints work superbly with all kind of weathering or masking products. They may be diluted with AK-Interactive’s specific thinner, or thinners from other manufacturers that are intended for acrylic lacquer paints (non-vinyl). They may also be easily mixed with other acrylic lacquer paints. Real Colors accurately reproduce the original colors.