AK Interactive T-54/T-55 Modeling World's Most Iconic Tank - English New

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English / Spanish. 176 pages. Semi-hard cover.

MiniArt’s first collaboration with AK-Interactive brings as a result this fantastic book backed by the quality and originality of both brands.This book covers the scale models of this iconic tank, and the new MiniArt mod-els, showing 6 extensive and amazing step-by-step articles, and numerous curi-osities of the different versions and evolutions. A book that a modeler can ́t miss even if you are not a fan of this tank.
The T-54 and T-55 are a family of tanks designed in the Soviet Union, descendants of the armored vehicles used during the II WW by this ancient power. The T-55 is sibling of the T-54 which was developed from this with a series of important modifications and that saw the light in 1955. Basically, it is actually an improve-ment of the T-54 which was decided to change its name for some reason, but that retains so much of the initial design that it should have been a T-54 with its bullet corresponding to the revised version. One of the most important improvements offered by the T-54/55 with respect to the old tanks was the incorporation of the 100mm cannon that some units of the T-44 already introduced. The hull is formed by welded plates and the tower is made of cast iron … This is how the best mod-eling book oriented to these iconic tanks begins.