AK Interactive Crusted Rust Deposits

$ 30.00 CAD

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Rust deposits effects are a key factor in realistic weathering. This newly designed weathering set boasts a brand new formula of specialized key ingredients that give you the most common tones of crusted rust. There is no longer a need to experiment and try to come up with your own mixtures to imitate rust because we’ve found the answer. Apply straight from the bottle to the desired areas of your model. These enamel paints have, when dry, the same scale look as real rust. These paints dry ultra matte and have a very light texture resulting in an amazingly realistic fi nish. You can use these colours individually or mix them to create the tones you are looking for. This products extreme versatility also provides you with the option to dilute it with White Spirit as well as mix with other enamels, oils, and pigments. It’s up to you. This is not just another wash. We are instead providing you with an innovative new concept of weathering products that provide the solution to obtaining that perfect fi nish when you are trying to imitate crusted on your models.