AK Interactive 3G DAK Soldier Uniform Colors Paint Set New

$ 30.00 CAD

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The tones of this 3Gen set have been selected for painting figures with tropical uniforms used by the German Army in Africa and Sicily during WW2, called Deutsche Afrika Korps (DAK).

These uniforms were widely used by the German regular soldiers, paratroopers, air force and several troops more.

In the set you will find the basic colors, shadows and lights for two typical uniforms, you can mix them to achieve diverse shades, as they could vary depending on their origin.

This set contains:

AK11109 DAK Desert Uniform Shadows (Dark Brown).
AK11440 DAK Desert Uniform Base.
AK11116 DAK Desert Uniform Lights (Tan Yellow).
AK11153 DAK Green Uniform Shadows (Extra Dark Green).
AK11427 DAK Green Uniform Base (Green Uniform Base).
AK11428 DAK Green Uniform Lights (Light Green Uniform).