Trade in Program

One of our specialties here at Tistaminis is purchasing and selling used models.

We primarily focus on Gamesworkshop models, but may be open to products from other ranges as well. 

We can offer to either buy your models for cash, or offer an equivalent trade value instead. If you are looking to do a trade, what we will do is give you the cash value in products, but at our wholesale rates.

For example, if we were to offer $100 cash normally for your products, but you instead wanted to do a trade, we would give you $100 worth of products (what it would normally cost us) instead. If you plan on reinvesting the proceeds from your old unwanted models back into the hobby, then this is the best way to go about it. 

You will get more value in this manner, and we end up paying out the same amount from our end, so it is a win-win.

In order to receive a quote, please email us at

In your email, please answer the following questions below, and provide the requested details.


  • Are you looking for cash or credit?
  • Will you be shipping the models in or dropping them off?
  • Please provide a list of models and some photos


For cash sales, we can offer to pay via cash or Paypal.
We can also pay via E-Transfer, but we require to receive the models first

For trades that require shipping, we will determine the quote first and then confirm the items that you are requesting. If there are any issues for obtaining the items (sold out / unavailable) we will let you know. You will be required to mail in your models first to us, and once we receive and inspect them we will then ship out your portion of the trade.

For any further questions that may not have been answered above, feel free to ask us in your email. Thanks!