Commission Painting

No time? Just want to get into battle? We can help...

We offer a range of pre-painted models to help save you time and get you into battle quicker. Some of these are pre-purchased from customers, while others we have painted ourselves and posted for sale. For our current inventory, simply search our website for "well painted"
You may find something that suits your needs and is ready to go.


If you are looking to have a custom project done, we can help with that as well. Each projects cost varies based on a number of factors. Some general guidelines below however should provide a rough idea.

We offer 3 levels of painting, with varying costs

Tabletop - Approximately the retail cost of the box.
Mid-Tier - Approximately 1.5x the retail cost of the box
High-Tier - Approximately 2-3x the retail cost of the box

Most projects are completed within 4-12 weeks, if you require it urgently then it will cost extra. 

Any special requests such as magnetization, special designs, etc will normally add to the cost of the project. We can offer to purchase the models for you or you may provide them to us. Shipping and taxes are extra.

For a more detailed quote for your project, please email
Please answer the following questions, and mention any other special details and we will get back to you with a quote.

  1. What are you looking to get painted?
  2. Will you be providing the models or will we?
  3. Is shipping required, or will you be picking up from our store?
  4. Any special requests?
  5. Do you need the models by a certain date, or no rush?
  6. Paint Scheme you would like done (Same as the box art, or something different, if different, please provide sample photos)

Once the quote and details are settled, we will normally break up the payment into 2-3 parts. You will pay for the models up front, as well as 50% of the commission cost. Once the commission is completed, you will pay for the remainder 50% before we ship it out or at pickup. 

For any questions that we may have not answered in the above, please let us know in the email. Thank you!