MetaZoo - A Brand New Cryptid Trading Card Game

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Posted on August 22 2021

MetaZoo - A Brand New Cryptid Trading Card Game

MetaZoo - A Brand New Cryptid Trading Card Game

Trading Card Games (TCG) have been kicking around for decades. They aren't just a fun way to pass your time, but also they provide mental health benefits. TCG improves your patience, social skills, as well as critical thinking. 

Many trading card games are available on the market, yet not each game provides such satisfaction and joy. Most trading card games are just money and a waste of time. However, that may have changed two weeks ago when MetaZoo was released. 

This trading card game is more than free tenders and big eBay numbers. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the brand new cryptid trading card - MetaZoo, because definitely, this game is worth talking about!

What The Heck Is MetaZoo?

There's a lot of stuff going out here, and we think that it is worth highlighting MetaZoo. The game is doing something extraordinary and does have legs. It's not just a flash in the pan. We think that there always will be a market for MetaZoo. Let's explain why this trading card game draws a lot of attention lately. 

Since its release, MetaZoo is doing quite well. It's not an insanely popular game, but the people who know about it speak hard on it. MetaZoo was released on 30 of July and is already breaking records. It just has legs to stand on them. The big draw for MetaZoo is that it is a cryptid. And what do cryptids mean? 

Basically, cryptids are something that exists everywhere in the world. We're talking about aliens, ghosts, Loch Ness monster, and it's highly recognizable to everyone while also being whimsical and fun.

The MetaZoo community has already flashed onto this, and the cryptid community has a very massive and passionate community. MetaZoo is filling a niche that currently is unfilled and more than that. So, it's not only filling a niche in terms of cryptids, but it's also filling a niche in terms of a really fun kind of goofy game with fourth wall mechanics. 

And what do fourth wall mechanics mean?

The fourth wall mechanics are mechanics like when you play the Jersey Devil; for example, you can do like a blood-curdling scream or take damage. And so, it's kind of like this fun-board gaming mechanics that a lot of people who are playing highly competitive card games like Flesh & Blood, and Magic: The Gathering, maybe a little bit turned off on. On the other hand, people who are really into board games, like really fun board games, already love this stuff. The possibilities are endless now for MetaZoo, and the game will be successful in many years to come. 

So, don't knock out MetaZoo. We know that many of you are already negative about the game right now, but give it a chance! 

Why Is MetaZoo Drawing So Much Attention?

MetaZoo is created in a similar style to old-school water-color Pokemon art, and it's super recognizable. You see it, and it just brings back nostalgia, and that is also a currently untapped market unless you have a ton of money and you have a ton of vintage Pokemon cards. And let's be honest - not a lot of people have that. 

There are so many people who just love vintage Pokemon cards, and they love the feel of vintage Pokemon cards and the look of them. We think that is something that MetaZoo is really kind of like going towards. On top of the cryptid stuff and the cool gameplay mechanics, they are really going for this nostalgic, very kind of whimsical feel. 

We think it resonates with a lot of people, and all of these layers, the cryptid, the gameplay, and the nostalgia, are great by themselves. But, together, they really go inside to form something truly special and truly unique. That's what a lot of people saw in MetaZoo, including us, and that's why many people like the game. 

There's a reason why most people think that MetaZoo is deserving to be part of their collections!

The Creators of MetaZoo 

Michael Waddel is the founder and CEO of MetaZoo Games. He has been playing and collecting trading cards since the 1990s. Although Mike is a Data Scientist, his heart was always belonging to the Trading Card Games community. He has spent the last few years creating his own cards, and this is how MetaZoo was created. Mike looks pretty cool, down to earth, and a nice guy

That's something that gives confidence to many people, so probably it's the main reason why MetaZoo in a short time became so popular. He wanted the game to succeed and be accessible and affordable to everyone, and that's kind of one of the core tenets. He wanted the game to be available to everyone, and he did it.

To Sum Up

The reason why MetaZoo is like the dark horse in the race, is that nobody expects to win. But, the game can get merchandise. MetaZoo has a lot of potential for movies, clothes, and shirts. The game can take advantage of many different ways. And we can say that it already did. On their website, you'll be able to see the apparel they already sell and imagine when they expand on the market.   


And in this article, it's not just to pop up the cards. We believe that the game is here to stay, and it's not fat. It's not only about the money, though. You know, you can invest in MetaZoo, and that's totally cool. But, the game itself is something that you need to recognize and want. We think that MetaZoo has the ability to fulfill a niche that is currently unfilled on the market!

Written by: Simona Gerasimovska

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