Arkham Horror - A Trading Card Game To Remember

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Posted on November 14 2021

Arkham Horror - A Trading Card Game To Remember

Arkham Horror is a card game of arcane mysteries and supernatural terror.

The boundaries between the worlds have become dangerously thin. Arkham Horror Card Game is a cooperative game in a Lovecraftian horror setting. As the Ancients seek a way into our world, researchers strive to unravel arcane mysteries and conspiracies.

These efforts affect the game result and are also carried out in campaigns, challenging to overcome personal demons as the Arkham Horror card game blurs the boundaries between card games and role-playing games.

In the quiet city of Arkham, Massachusetts, a small group of intrepid Researchers wants to discover the nature of a sinister danger that threatens humanity. ¡ But beware! Countless horrors inhabit the Arcane Kingdom, and the Researchers must cling to their sanity and survive as best they can.

Arkham Horror is a board game with lots of components and high quality. His setting in the myths of Cthulhu, specifically in the role-playing game The Call of Cthulhu, inspired this in the novels of the writer H.P. Lovecraft.

In Arkham Horror, the city is being invaded by supernatural forces and monsters, portals to other worlds are opened, and a fearsome primal tries to enter this world. Players are a group of researchers who try to stop the end of the world. It is a game with great difficulty, but it can hook easily once learned the game sequences, creating a significant addiction.

The game sequence consists of 5 distinct phases, which are played one by all players staggered.

These phases are as follows:


In it, players reactivate abilities, spells, objects, etc., that they would have used in the previous turn and the readjustment of the features. These are a group of 6 that come paired with values that vary indirectly proportionally. 

For example: Speed/Discretion: 4/1, 3/2, 2/3, 1/4, 0/5. In the beginning, we will have to choose the values that we will use, and later, we will be able to move the characteristic markers as many spaces to the right or left as our attribute of Concentration. Each character is a world, and if we can make three changes, these must be distributed among all couples. The other couples are Fight/Will (stick or resist and not lose sanity) and Know/Luck (to cast spells or get out of some events successfully). Add that features are also used to circumvent certain events.

For all this, the maintenance phase is critical, as we will have to adjust correctly according to what we are going to do during that shift. If you go with Full Discretion, it will be easier for you to avoid the monsters coming out, but you will move very little, and it will cost you more turns to get to the sites.


Players move through the streets from one place to another and enter the portals that emerge every two by three to explore the supernatural worlds. During this phase, players may encounter monsters along the way, who must dodge (if they are not powerful enough to kill them) or fight them.

Arkham Encounters

One by one, all players who are in locations where there is no portal can play the event from that site or draw a card from the deck corresponding to the neighborhood where the place is. These cards have disparate effects, from taking out a monster, giving you an object, ability, spell or whatever if you get a hit on a spin of a particular feature, or taking points off something.

Encounters in the Other Worlds

Same as in the previous section, but with players who were absorbed by portals in phase 3. The deck of cards is different. 

Myths Phase

It is the one that marks the course of the game through events, movements of monsters on the board, where the pieces of tracks and new portals come out. The portals are where monsters start to appear and are the game's priority objective because depending on the number of players, you have to close several portals in the game for researchers to win. 

Whereas if you reach a certain number of open portals simultaneously, the Primigenium appears (it also occurs for other reasons, but this is important). Portals can be closed or sealed. 

The main difference is that the second can no longer open any other portal on the same site. It is already considered good, but logically, it is more complex than the first option. As for the track chips, say they are like wilds. They give extra spins and help seal portals, making their importance vital and even more vital management for this cooperative game to come to fruition.

The game evolves as the game goes by, giving an easy feeling at the beginning of the game and that, in the end, forces all players to give their best to help solve the game. To win the Arkham Horror, you will have to defeat the Primate or prevent his appearance by closing portals, so all players will have to cooperate to finish this great adventure.

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