Star Wars Legion

Star Wars Legion: Battle Force Starter Set: Separatist Invasion New
$ 160.00 CAD
Star Wars Legion: Battle Force Starter Set: Blizzard Force New
$ 160.00 CAD
Star Wars Legion: Battle Force Starter Set: Echo Base Defenders New
$ 160.00 CAD
Star Wars Legion: Swoop Bike Riders Unit Expansion New
$ 39.99 CAD
Star Wars Legion: Din Djarin & Grogu Operative Expansion
$ 29.99 CAD
Star Wars Legion: IG-Series Assassin Droids Operative Expansion
$ 32.00 CAD
Star Wars Legion Shadow Collective Starter Set
$ 79.99 CAD
Star Wars: Legion: Gar Saxon Commander Expansion New
$ 25.00 CAD
Star Wars: Legion: Mandalorian Super Commandos Unit Expansion New
$ 39.99 CAD
Star Wars: Legion: Pyke Syndicate Foot Soldiers Unit Expansion New
$ 39.99 CAD
Star Wars: Legion: Black Sun Enforcers Unit Expansion New
$ 39.99 CAD
Star Wars Legion: IG-100 Magnaguards Unit Expansion
$ 39.99 CAD
Star Wars Legion - ARC Troopers Expansion New
$ 42.50 CAD
Star Wars Legion: Super Tactical Droid Commander Expansion
$ 20.50 CAD
Star Wars Legion: Anakin Skywalker Commander Expansion New
$ 19.99 CAD
Star Wars Legion: DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid Unit Expansion
$ 42.00 CAD
Star Wars Legion: Infantry Support Unit Expansion
$ 52.25 CAD
Star Wars Legion: Darth Maul And Sith Probe Droid Operative Expansion New
$ 22.10 CAD
Star Wars Legion: Raddaugh Gnasp Fluttercraft Unit Expansion
$ 47.50 CAD
Star Wars Legion: Grand Master Yoda Commander Expansion
$ 21.25 CAD

When it comes to Star Wars, it is impossible to forget the warfare.But what’s the normal effect that Star Wars Legion can have on a fan? Pure thrill!

Doesn’t it thrill you to see the Battle of Hoth  and triumph in the clash of the Rebel Alliances as the elite Rebel teams charge on a stormtroopers legion in the Forest Moon of Endor?. 

TIn all honesty, miniature games can add even more thrill to it. So, we present to you the best of the Star Wars Legion. So, pull up your socks, put your gaming shoes on and head for some amazing Star Wars warfare.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is Star Wars Legion?

    Star Wars: Legion is an asymmetrical two player infantry-based wargame. A regular game consists of 800 points and is played a 6'x3' table. A Skirmish game is 500 points and is played on a 3'x3' play area.

  • 2. What do i need to get started with Star Wars Legion?

    You can start with a Galactic Civil War core set where Luke Skywalker and the Rebels face off versus Darth Vader and the Imperials. Or you can start with the Clone Wars core set with Obi-wan & the Republic do battle with General Grievous and the Separatists.

  • 3. What should I add on to my Star Wars Legion?

    There are dozens of expansions available for you to customize your army any way you like. Do you like Rogue One? Look at Cassian/Jyn/K-2SO or Director Krennic/Deathtroopers. Or if Clone Wars is your preference then how about Count Dooku/B2s or Anakin Skywalker/Padme Amidala/Yoda the options are limitless.

  • 4. How is Star Wars Legion played?

    Players define the Objective/Condition/Deployment with Battle cards at the beginning of the game. Then players alternate deploying their units. Once that is done players choose Command cards each round to determine initiative and provide units with abilities and/of buffs for the round. Legion is played over 6 rounds, 5 rounds for skirmish.

  • 5. Is Star Wars Legion hard to play?

    Not at all. All the information is on units cards and upgrade cards. The rules are free and available for download from