Warmachine Mercenaries Gastone Crosse Charter Solo New

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For use within the Warmachine Game.
  • Players take on the role of powerful war casters as they lead their titanic forces into battle
  • Players armies will make use of a mix of Infantry and Mighty Combat Automatons (Warjacks)
  • Mercenaries are the most diverse force in the iron kingdoms, some portrayed as disreputable cut-throats, others as raving madmen
  • Others are portrayed as stalwart revolutionaries; regardless, each Merc has a goal that makes them willing to accept anyone's coin
  • Each mercenary will only work with a few specific factions but can add power or fill in gaps and weak points that each of the factions have
  • Mercenary war casters encourage a tactical mindset by offering many combinations of abilities with other mercs and with the other faction's war casters
  • Players collect, assemble, and paint fantastically detailed models representing the varied warriors, machines, and creatures in their armies
  • WARMACHINE is fully compatible with its feral twin, the monstrous miniatures combat game of HORDES

- 1 Miniature(s)

Please note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required