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Born on Macragge, Tigurius' parents submitted their son to the marshals of induction at the Fortress of Hera. He was quickly recognized as a psyker and his powers of foresight during training exercises was initially seen as cheating. During his Aspirant days his training overseer was Ortan Cassius. Eventually due to his supernaturally perceptive nature he was taken in by the Chapter Librarius, quickly becoming a Lexicanium. During his early years in the chapter Tigurius' insight and perceptiveness saved his battle-brothers on countless occasions, allowing him to rise through the ranks. His most notable early accomplishment was in the Altor Crusade. Later, serving in the 5th Company, he led a strike force against the Seven Sorcerers of Harka, using his psychic abilities to best all seven Sorcerers simultaneously. In the wake of the battle on Harka, Tigurius became famous within the Chapter and became close friends with Orestes and rose the rank of Codicier. After aiding the Ultramarines fleet in predicting the movements of the Orks of Madbrakka and Hive Fleet Behemoth, Tigurius rose to the prestigious position of Chief Librarian.

This 19-part plastic kit makes one Chief Librarian Tigurius and is supplied with one 40mm Citadel round base.

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