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Chief Librarian Tigurius, also known as Tigurius of Ultramar, is a senior member of the Ultramarines Chapter and holds the prestigious position of Chief Librarian. He is a potent psyker and a master of the arcane arts, wielding formidable psychic powers in service to the Emperor and the Imperium.

Origins: Tigurius hails from the planet Macragge, the homeworld of the Ultramarines Chapter and the seat of power within the realm of Ultramar. Like all Ultramarines, he underwent rigorous training and indoctrination to become one of the Emperor's finest warriors.

Psychic Mastery: As Chief Librarian, Tigurius is one of the most powerful psykers in the Ultramarines Chapter. He possesses a deep understanding of the Warp and its mysteries, allowing him to harness psychic energies with precision and control. His psychic abilities include telepathy, telekinesis, precognition, and more, making him a formidable adversary on the battlefield.

Strategic Genius: In addition to his psychic powers, Tigurius is renowned for his strategic brilliance and tactical acumen. He serves as an advisor to the Chapter's leaders and plays a crucial role in planning and executing military campaigns against the enemies of the Imperium. His insights and foresight have often proven decisive in turning the tide of battle in favor of the Ultramarines.

Wisdom and Knowledge: Tigurius is not only a warrior and a psyker but also a scholar and a seeker of knowledge. He is well-versed in the lore and history of the Imperium, drawing upon ancient wisdom and esoteric lore to guide his actions and decisions. His intellect and wisdom make him a respected figure within the Chapter and beyond.

Bearer of the Veil of Time: One of Tigurius's most notable artifacts is the Veil of Time, a psychic hood of ancient origin that enhances his psychic abilities and grants him the power of precognition. With the Veil of Time, Tigurius can glimpse into the future and foresee the outcomes of battles, allowing him to prepare his forces and anticipate the enemy's moves.

Guardian of Ultramar: As Chief Librarian of the Ultramarines, Tigurius is entrusted with the defense of Ultramar, the realm ruled by the Ultramarines Chapter. He stands as a stalwart guardian against all threats to this bastion of the Imperium, using his powers and knowledge to safeguard its people and its territories from harm.

Exemplar of the Chapter: Tigurius embodies the virtues of the Ultramarines Chapter, including discipline, honor, and loyalty to the Emperor. He serves as an exemplar of these ideals, inspiring his battle-brothers to strive for excellence and to uphold the honor of the Chapter in all their endeavors.

Legacy and Influence: Chief Librarian Tigurius's legacy within the Ultramarines Chapter is one of wisdom, power, and leadership. His counsel guides the Chapter through the darkest of times, and his actions on the battlefield ensure victory against the enemies of mankind. He is a living symbol of the Ultramarines' commitment to excellence and their unwavering dedication to the defense of humanity.

In summary, Chief Librarian Tigurius is a towering figure within the Ultramarines Chapter, wielding unparalleled psychic abilities and strategic insight in service to the Emperor and the Imperium. His wisdom, power, and leadership make him a revered and indispensable asset to the Chapter, ensuring its continued success in the eternal war against the enemies of mankind.

This 19-part plastic kit makes one Chief Librarian Tigurius and is supplied with one 40mm Citadel round base.

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