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The Tyranocyte is a specialized bio-transport organism used by the Tyranid Hive Fleets in Warhammer 40,000. Here's an overview:

Role and Function: The Tyranocyte serves as a living transport for smaller Tyranid organisms, delivering them to the battlefield in the midst of battle. It is essentially a living drop pod, capable of carrying Tyranid organisms through the void of space and then deploying them directly onto the battlefield.

Physical Description: The Tyranocyte is a large, bulbous organism resembling a massive egg or cocoon. It is covered in thick chitinous plating, which protects it from enemy fire during its descent to the battlefield. It possesses powerful thrusters that allow it to maneuver through the void of space and descend to the surface of a planet.

Transport Capacity: Tyranocytes have a large internal capacity, capable of carrying multiple Tyranid organisms within their protective shell. They can transport a variety of Tyranid units, including smaller organisms such as Termagants, Hormagaunts, or Genestealers, as well as larger organisms such as Warriors or Carnifexes.

Drop Pod Assault: Tyranocytes are deployed from orbit during the initial stages of a Tyranid invasion, descending through the atmosphere and landing directly onto the battlefield. Upon landing, they open up their armored shell, allowing the Tyranid organisms within to emerge and engage enemy forces in battle.

Tactical Deployment: Tyranocytes are often deployed as part of larger Tyranid invasion forces, delivering reinforcements to the battlefield and establishing a foothold for the Tyranid swarm. They are used to deploy Tyranid units directly into the heart of enemy territory, catching enemy forces off guard and overwhelming them with sheer numbers.

Integration with Tyranid Forces: Tyranocytes coordinate their attacks with other Tyranid organisms, delivering reinforcements and providing support for ground-based Tyranid units. They work in tandem with other Tyranid bioforms, such as Hive Tyrants and Trygons, to ensure that the Tyranid swarm operates as a cohesive and coordinated force.

Resilience and Durability: Tyranocytes are heavily armored and possess regenerative capabilities, making them resilient and difficult to destroy on the battlefield. They can withstand enemy fire and continue to deliver reinforcements to the frontline, even in the face of sustained enemy resistance.

Infamy and Terror: The appearance of Tyranocytes on the battlefield is often a sign of impending danger for enemy forces, as they herald the arrival of reinforcements from the Tyranid swarm. Their ability to deliver Tyranid organisms directly into the heart of enemy territory strikes fear into the hearts of all who oppose the Great Devourer.

This 124-piece plastic kit makes one Tyrannocyte. The armoured carapace can be modelled closed to the body or open to act as an airbrake as the Tyrannocyte makes planetfall. It is armed with five deathspitters which can be replaced by barbed stranglers or venom cannons.

This kit can alternatively be built as a Sporocyst and Mucolid Spore.

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