Warhammer Tyranid Toxicrene New

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Physically imposing, the Toxicrene accompanies Tyranid broods into battle and uses its tentacles to thrash at those who venture too close. However its most feared weapon is the choking clouds of spores that blast out from its dorsal chimneys. Each cloud is composed of millions of tiny spore organisms that possess a predatory sentience, deliberately forcing themselves into the respiratory systems of non-Tyranid organisms. There they nestle and embed, feeding on the moisture of their host and growing an astonishing rate, causing organs to rupture, airways to close, and lungs to fill with blood.

This 55-piece plastic kit makes one Toxicrene with a crown of dorsal chimneys and twelve huge, lashing tentacles. The miniature is poised atop its latest victim - a crushed Space Marine Terminator.

This kit can alternatively be built as a Maleceptor.

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