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The Tyranid Hive Tyrant is a formidable and versatile synapse creature within the Tyranid Hive Fleets in Warhammer 40,000. Here's an overview:

Role and Function: The Hive Tyrant serves as a powerful leader and synapse creature within the Tyranid swarm, exerting control over nearby Tyranid organisms and coordinating their actions in battle. It is also a formidable combatant in its own right, capable of engaging enemy forces with devastating close combat and ranged attacks.

Physical Description: Hive Tyrants are imposing and monstrous creatures, towering over other Tyranid organisms with their large size and formidable presence. They possess a humanoid upper body with multiple arms and claws, as well as a powerful tail and massive wings that allow them to fly.

Synapse Control: One of the primary functions of the Hive Tyrant is to provide synapse support to nearby Tyranid units. It emits powerful psychic signals that help to coordinate the actions of nearby Tyranid organisms, ensuring that the swarm operates as a cohesive and coordinated force.

Close Combat Prowess: Hive Tyrants are formidable close combatants, armed with razor-sharp claws, monstrous scything talons, and powerful melee weapons such as boneswords or lash whips. They can tear through enemy ranks with brutal efficiency, cutting down anything that stands in their path.

Ranged Firepower: In addition to their close combat abilities, Hive Tyrants are also equipped with powerful ranged weapons, such as devourers, stranglethorn cannons, or heavy venom cannons. These weapons allow them to engage enemy units from a distance, providing fire support for the Tyranid swarm.

Psychic Abilities: Many Hive Tyrants possess potent psychic abilities, allowing them to unleash devastating psychic attacks upon enemy forces. These abilities can include psychic blasts, psychic shields, or other psychic powers that can devastate enemy formations and protect nearby Tyranid units.

Tactical Deployment: Hive Tyrants are often deployed at the forefront of Tyranid assaults, leading the charge into enemy lines and engaging enemy forces in brutal close-quarters combat. They are used to break through enemy defenses and create openings for other Tyranid units to exploit.

Integration with Tyranid Forces: Hive Tyrants coordinate their attacks with other Tyranid organisms, using their synapse control to strengthen the psychic connection between Tyranid units. They work in tandem with other synapse creatures, such as Zoanthropes and Venomthropes, to ensure that the swarm operates as a cohesive whole.

Resilience and Durability: Hive Tyrants are heavily armored and possess regenerative capabilities, making them resilient and difficult to eliminate on the battlefield. They can withstand enemy fire and continue to lead the Tyranid swarm in battle, even in the face of sustained enemy resistance.

Infamy and Terror: The appearance of a Hive Tyrant on the battlefield is often a terrifying sight, signaling the arrival of a powerful and relentless commander within the Tyranid swarm. Its formidable combat abilities and psychic powers make it a feared opponent among enemy forces.

Overall, the Tyranid Hive Tyrant is a fearsome leader and warrior within the Tyranid arsenal, capable of providing synapse support, leading the swarm in battle, and engaging enemy forces with devastating close combat and ranged attacks. Its appearance on the battlefield strikes fear into the hearts of all who oppose the Great Devourer.

This multipart plastic boxed set contains 59 components and one Citadel 60mm Round Base, with which to build one Tyranid Hive Tyrant or one Swarmlord.

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