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Tyranid Carnifexes are massive and terrifying bioforms within the Tyranid Hive Fleets in Warhammer 40,000. Here's an overview:

Role and Function: Carnifexes serve as heavy assault units within Tyranid swarms, capable of delivering devastating firepower and engaging enemy forces in brutal close combat. They are often deployed to break through enemy lines and crush fortified positions with their sheer size and strength.

Physical Description: Carnifexes are massive, hulking creatures resembling a nightmarish fusion of insectoid and reptilian features. They have a heavily armored carapace covering their body, with multiple limbs ending in razor-sharp claws. They also possess powerful jaws filled with rows of teeth, capable of tearing through armor and flesh alike.

Armament and Biomorphs: Carnifexes can be equipped with a variety of biomorphs and bio-weapons to suit different battlefield roles. These include monstrous scything talons for close combat, devourers or venom cannons for ranged attacks, and bio-plasma or acid spray for devastating area-of-effect attacks.

Close Combat Prowess: Carnifexes are formidable in close combat, using their massive size and strength to overpower enemy units. Their monstrous scything talons and crushing claws can tear through armored vehicles and infantry alike, making them a terrifying opponent in hand-to-hand combat.

Ranged Firepower: In addition to their close combat abilities, Carnifexes are also equipped with powerful ranged weapons. These allow them to engage enemy units from a distance, providing fire support for the Tyranid swarm and softening up enemy positions before engaging in close combat.

Tactical Deployment: Carnifexes are often deployed at the forefront of Tyranid assaults, leading the charge into enemy lines and engaging enemy forces in brutal close-quarters combat. They are used to break through enemy defenses and create openings for other Tyranid units to exploit.

Integration with Tyranid Forces: Carnifexes coordinate their attacks with other Tyranid organisms, using their formidable combat abilities to support the advance of the Tyranid swarm. They work in tandem with other Tyranid bioforms, such as Hive Tyrants and Warriors, to overwhelm enemy forces with sheer brute force.

Resilience and Durability: Carnifexes are heavily armored and possess regenerative capabilities, making them resilient and difficult to eliminate on the battlefield. They can withstand enemy fire and continue to engage enemy forces in close combat, even in the face of sustained enemy resistance.

Infamy and Terror: The appearance of Carnifexes on the battlefield is often a terrifying sight, signaling the arrival of a massive and unstoppable assault unit within the Tyranid swarm. Their sheer size, strength, and ferocity make them a feared opponent among enemy forces.

The Tyranid Carnifex Brood comes with x2 Carnifex. The sprues shown are a sample reference of a single Carnifex.

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