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The T'au TX4 Piranha is a fast attack skimmer vehicle utilized by the Tau Empire for reconnaissance, harassment, and rapid strike missions. Here's an overview:

Role: The TX4 Piranha serves as a fast attack vehicle within Tau military forces. It is designed to quickly maneuver across the battlefield, harass enemy units, and provide fire support for Tau infantry and Battlesuit teams.

Speed and Maneuverability: The Piranha is highly agile and maneuverable, capable of traversing difficult terrain and outmaneuvering enemy forces with ease. Its sleek design and gravitic propulsion systems allow it to achieve high speeds both on land and in the air.

Armament: The primary armament of the TX4 Piranha is its Fusion Blaster, a short-ranged, high-energy weapon capable of penetrating enemy armor with devastating effect. It can also be equipped with two Gun Drones or a Burst Cannon for additional firepower against infantry and light vehicles.

Transport Capacity: The Piranha has a small interior compartment capable of carrying up to two Fire Warriors or other Tau infantry units. This allows it to deploy small strike teams behind enemy lines or insert reconnaissance teams into hostile territory.

Disruption Pods: Many Piranha variants are equipped with disruption pods, advanced electronic countermeasures systems that disrupt enemy targeting systems and sensors. This makes the Piranha harder to hit and allows it to evade enemy fire more effectively.

Tactical Deployment: Piranhas are often deployed in squadrons as part of Tau Hunter Cadres, providing fast attack and reconnaissance capabilities to complement the firepower of other Tau units. They excel at hit-and-run tactics, harassing enemy flanks and disrupting enemy formations.

Integration with Tau Forces: Piranhas work closely with other elements of Tau military forces, including Fire Warrior teams, Battlesuits, and other vehicle units. They provide fire support and cover for advancing Tau units, suppressing enemy positions and neutralizing threats from a distance.

Scouting and Reconnaissance: The Piranha's speed and agility make it well-suited for scouting and reconnaissance missions. It can quickly reconnoiter enemy positions, gather intelligence, and relay critical information back to Tau command centers.

Anti-Air Capability: While primarily designed for ground-based engagements, the Piranha can also be equipped with Seeker Missiles or Velocity Trackers to engage enemy aircraft and aerial threats, providing additional versatility to Tau forces.

Overall, the TX4 Piranha is a versatile and fast-moving skimmer vehicle that provides essential reconnaissance, harassment, and fire support capabilities to Tau military forces. With its speed, firepower, and agility, it is a potent asset on the battlefield and a key component of Tau military doctrine.

This boxed set contains 1 multi-part plastic T'au Piranha with a variety of optional parts and weapons.

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