Warhammer Space Marines Ultramarines Honour Guard New

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The Ultramarines Honour Guard is a highly elite group of Space Marines unique to the Ultramarines Chapter. In battle they act either as a group or as squad leaders. Each bears an Axe of Ultramar, potent weapons constructed from a rare metal found on Prandium. Only the most courageous of the Ultramarines ever come close to earning this honour, and then only some of them will achieve it. They are responsible for guarding the Chapter's ancient banner, the Banner of Macragge. Members of the Honour Guard are dispersed throughout the Chapter's companies. When the banner is taken into battle by a company, a squad will be formed from the company's Honour Guard members.

This set contains 14 resin and plastic components plus 4 x 32mm round bases with which to build two Honour Guard, a Chapter Ancient and a Chapter Champion.

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