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The Storm Speeder was developed by Belisarius Cawl as part of the Primaris Project, combining the ancient technologies of Arkhan Land with the brute force of Repulsor technology. Although they look like land speeders and perform a similar function, storm speeders are larger and more heavily armed without compromising maneuverability.

This kit includes 94 components that can be used to build a Storm Speeder Hailstrike armed with two fragstorm grenade launchers, an onslaught gatling cannon and a twin ironhail heavy stubber. The gun platform can be built to move – intimidate your opponents by having your heaviest weaponry pointing right at their units!

This kit can instead build the Storm Speeder Hammerstrike or Storm Speeder Thunderstrike. It is supplied with a Citadel 90mm Round Base and a Flying Stem.

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