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The Primaris Invader ATV serves as a fast attack vehicle and reconnaissance platform for Space Marine forces. It is designed to operate in diverse terrain conditions, allowing it to quickly maneuver across the battlefield and engage enemy targets with speed and agility.

Armament: The Invader ATV is armed with a formidable array of weaponry, including a multi-melta or a twin auto bolt rifle mounted on the vehicle's turret. These weapons provide the Invader ATV with potent anti-armor and anti-infantry capabilities, allowing it to engage a wide range of enemy targets effectively.

Speed and Maneuverability: The Invader ATV is equipped with a powerful engine and rugged suspension system, enabling it to traverse rough terrain and obstacles with ease. Its speed and maneuverability make it ideal for hit-and-run attacks, flanking maneuvers, and reconnaissance missions deep behind enemy lines.

Transport Capacity: Some variants of the Invader ATV can also carry a passenger in addition to the driver and gunner. This allows Space Marine squads to quickly deploy to key objectives or engage enemy forces with additional firepower from the vehicle's mounted weapon.

Adaptive Design: The Invader ATV features an adaptive design that allows it to be easily customized and modified to suit the specific needs of different Space Marine chapters and combat doctrines. It can be equipped with various weapon loadouts and additional accessories to enhance its versatility and effectiveness on the battlefield.

Integration with Primaris Forces: As a Primaris vehicle, the Invader ATV is designed to complement the advanced capabilities of Primaris Space Marines. It can operate in conjunction with Primaris infantry units and other vehicles, providing fire support, reconnaissance, and rapid response capabilities to support the chapter's combat operations.

Tactical Applications: The Invader ATV is well-suited for a variety of tactical roles on the battlefield, including reconnaissance, scouting, harassment of enemy flanks, and supporting infantry assaults with its firepower. Its speed and agility allow it to quickly respond to changing battlefield conditions and exploit enemy weaknesses.

Overall, the Primaris Invader ATV is a versatile and formidable vehicle that enhances the mobility and firepower of Space Marine forces on the battlefield. Its speed, firepower, and adaptability make it a valuable asset in a wide range of combat scenarios, allowing Space Marine commanders to maintain battlefield superiority and achieve victory against their enemies.

This kit builds one Invader ATV. It is supplied with a choice of weapons and comes in 45 plastic components.

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