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The Firestrike Servo-turret is a stationary, automated defense platform deployed by the Space Marines to protect key locations, fortifications, and strategic objectives. It is equipped with a formidable array of weapons designed to engage and neutralize enemy threats.

Armament: The Firestrike Servo-turret is armed with a variety of powerful weapons systems, including heavy bolters, lascannons, missile launchers, or other anti-vehicle and anti-infantry weaponry. This versatile armament allows it to engage a wide range of targets effectively, from infantry squads to armored vehicles and aircraft.

Remote Operation: The Firestrike Servo-turret is typically operated remotely by Space Marine Techmarines or servitors from a command center or bunker. This allows for centralized control and coordination of multiple servo-turrets across the battlefield, maximizing their effectiveness in defending key positions.

Targeting Systems: Equipped with advanced targeting systems and auspex sensors, the Firestrike Servo-turret can identify and track enemy targets with precision accuracy. Its automated targeting systems can engage multiple threats simultaneously, prioritizing the most dangerous or high-value targets on the battlefield.

Versatile Deployment: Firestrike Servo-turrets can be deployed in a variety of combat scenarios, from defensive emplacements around fortified positions to forward operating bases and perimeter defenses. Their adaptability and firepower make them valuable assets in both offensive and defensive operations.

Suppression and Fire Support: In addition to their role in defense, Firestrike Servo-turrets can also provide fire support to Space Marine forces during offensive operations. Their suppressive fire can pin down enemy units and create openings for friendly forces to advance, or they can lay down heavy firepower to support assaults on fortified enemy positions.

Integration with Battle Doctrine: The deployment of Firestrike Servo-turrets reflects the strategic and tactical doctrine of the Space Marines, emphasizing the importance of controlling key terrain and denying enemy advancements. By establishing defensive perimeters and strongpoints, Space Marine forces can maintain battlefield superiority and achieve victory against their enemies.

Overall, the Firestrike Servo-turret is a vital component of the Space Marine arsenal, providing automated defense and fire support in both offensive and defensive operations. Its formidable firepower and advanced targeting systems make it a formidable adversary on the battlefield, capable of engaging and neutralizing enemy threats with deadly precision.

This kit builds one Firestrike Servo-turret. It is supplied with a choice of weapons and comes in 28 plastic components. It comes with an 80mm round base.

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