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The Blood Angels Terminator Assault Squad is a specialized unit of the Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. This squad is equipped with Terminator Armor and specializes in close combat assaults, making them a formidable force on the battlefield. Here are some key details about the Blood Angels Terminator Assault Squad:

Terminator Armor: Terminator Armor is among the most advanced and heavily armored suits available to Space Marines. It provides exceptional protection against enemy fire and allows the wearer to operate in extreme conditions, including the vacuum of space. It is also equipped with a built-in teleportation device known as a Teleport Homer, allowing the squad to make precision deep strikes onto the battlefield.

Close Combat Specialists: The Terminator Assault Squad is specifically trained and armed for close combat engagements. They are often equipped with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields, which are devastating melee weapons. Thunder Hammers can crush armored opponents, while Storm Shields provide additional protection.

Cyclone Missile Launchers: Some members of the squad may carry Cyclone Missile Launchers. These are versatile weapons that can engage both infantry and vehicles, adding ranged firepower to the squad's capabilities.

Teleport Assaults: The Terminator Assault Squad is known for their ability to make surprise teleport assaults, appearing suddenly on the battlefield where they are needed most. This makes them excellent at delivering a powerful close combat punch where it counts.

Versatility: While their primary role is close combat, Terminator Assault Squads are versatile units that can adapt to various battlefield situations. Their combination of resilience, firepower, and mobility (thanks to teleportation) makes them valuable assets in many missions.

Sanguinary Discipline: Like all Blood Angels units, the Terminator Assault Squad can benefit from the unique Blood Angels psychic powers known as the Sanguinary Discipline. These powers can enhance their combat abilities, making them even deadlier in close quarters.

Blood Angels Chapter Tactics: Blood Angels, including their Terminator Assault Squads, have their own Chapter Tactics that provide unique bonuses in the game. These tactics often reflect the Blood Angels' strengths and character, such as an affinity for close combat and rapid assault.

    The Blood Angels Terminator Assault Squad embodies the chapter's love for close combat and their aggressive nature on the battlefield. These elite warriors are often used to break through enemy lines, eliminate high-priority targets, and secure key objectives, making them a crucial part of the Blood Angels' arsenal.

    Included are 5 x 40mm round bases and a 25mm round base.

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