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Raven Guard Primaris Upgrades and Transfers are specialized enhancements and modifications designed for Primaris Space Marines of the Raven Guard Chapter. These upgrades and transfers reflect the unique combat doctrine, tactics, and aesthetic preferences of the Raven Guard. Here's an overview:

Stealth Modifications: Primaris Marines of the Raven Guard often undergo stealth enhancements to further improve their already impressive ability to move undetected on the battlefield. These modifications may include advanced sensor-nullifying materials, sound-dampening equipment, and optical camouflage systems.

Shadow-Infused Armor: Some Raven Guard Primaris Marines may receive specialized armor modifications infused with shadow-warding technology. These enhancements help to further conceal them from enemy detection and provide additional protection against psychic attacks and warp-based phenomena.

Raven Guard Heraldry and Iconography: Primaris Marines of the Raven Guard bear the chapter's iconic heraldry and iconography proudly upon their armor. These markings often include depictions of ravens, shadowy motifs, and symbols representing the chapter's stealthy nature and preference for guerrilla warfare.

Lightning Claws and Close Combat Weapons: In close combat, Raven Guard Primaris Marines may favor lightning claws and other close combat weapons, reflecting their chapter's emphasis on lightning-fast strikes and swift, decisive action. These weapons are often customized and modified to suit the preferences and fighting style of the individual marine.

Raptor Wings and Jump Packs: Some Raven Guard Primaris Marines may be equipped with specialized jump packs or raptor wings, allowing them to swoop down upon their enemies from above with devastating effect. These enhancements provide enhanced mobility and agility on the battlefield, enabling rapid strikes and hit-and-run tactics.

Stealthy Weaponry: Raven Guard Primaris Marines may be equipped with specialized weaponry optimized for stealth and precision strikes. This may include silenced bolt rifles, suppressed plasma weapons, and other advanced armaments designed to eliminate targets quietly and efficiently.

Shadowstrike Rounds and Ammunition: To further augment their stealth capabilities, Raven Guard Primaris Marines may utilize shadowstrike rounds and specialized ammunition. These rounds are designed to minimize muzzle flash and sound signature, allowing for silent elimination of enemy targets from a distance.

Infiltration and Reconnaissance Equipment: Some Raven Guard Primaris Marines may be equipped with specialized infiltration and reconnaissance equipment, such as auspex scanners, motion trackers, and stealth drones. These tools aid in gathering intelligence, identifying enemy positions, and coordinating stealthy assaults.

Veteran Transfer Rituals: When Primaris Marines are inducted into the Raven Guard Chapter, they may undergo ancient rites and rituals to signify their transition into the ranks of the chapter's elite warriors. These ceremonies often involve symbolic gestures, oaths of allegiance, and the transfer of specialized equipment and enhancements.

Overall, Raven Guard Primaris Upgrades and Transfers reflect the chapter's emphasis on stealth, speed, and precision in warfare, ensuring that its warriors are equipped to strike swiftly and decisively against the enemies of the Imperium. These enhancements embody the spirit and traditions of the Raven Guard Chapter, empowering its Primaris Marines to uphold the Emperor's will with courage and honor on the battlefield

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