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The Kavalos Deathriders are a formidable cavalry unit within the Ossiarch Bonereapers faction in the Age of Sigmar universe. Here's an overview of these deadly mounted warriors:

Elite Cavalry: The Kavalos Deathriders are elite cavalry units comprised of skeletal warriors mounted atop swift and terrifying steeds. They are the vanguard of the Ossiarch Bonereapers' armies, charging into battle with unmatched speed and ferocity.

Dauntless Warriors: These skeletal riders are utterly relentless in their pursuit of their foes. They fear neither pain nor death, pressing forward with unyielding determination to deliver Nagash's judgment upon the living.

Mounted on Steeds of Bone: The Deathriders ride into battle on skeletal steeds, which are bred from the bones of the fallen and animated with necromantic energy. These macabre mounts are swift and agile, able to traverse difficult terrain with ease and close the distance to their enemies in the blink of an eye.

Lances and Blades: In battle, the Deathriders wield deadly lances and blades, cutting down their enemies with swift and precise strikes. Their weapons are imbued with necromantic power, capable of piercing even the toughest armor and delivering fatal blows to those who stand against them.

Shock Assault Tactics: The Kavalos Deathriders excel in shock assault tactics, using their speed and mobility to outmaneuver their enemies and strike where they are least expected. They are often deployed to harass enemy flanks, disrupt formations, and deliver devastating charges that break enemy lines.

Unyielding Loyalty: As loyal servants of Nagash, the Kavalos Deathriders serve his will without question, obeying the commands of their Mortarchs and riding forth to conquer in his name. They are undying legions, bound to their master's will for all eternity.

In summary, the Kavalos Deathriders are elite cavalry units of the Ossiarch Bonereapers, mounted on swift and deadly steeds and armed with lances and blades. They are relentless warriors, charging into battle with unyielding determination to deliver Nagash's judgment upon his enemies.

This multipart plastic kit makes 5 Kavalos Deathriders and comes supplied with 5x 60mm Citadel oval bases.

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