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Ork Weirdboys are unique and powerful psykers within the Ork race in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Here's an overview:

Description: Weirdboys are Orks who possess an inherent psychic ability, allowing them to tap into the raw energy of the Waaagh! – the psychic field generated by Ork beliefs and emotions. However, their control over this power is often erratic and unpredictable, resulting in spectacular displays of psychic energy and occasional catastrophic failures.

Powers: Weirdboys harness the Waaagh! energy to manifest powerful psychic abilities, including:

  • Da Jump: This ability allows the Weirdboy to teleport Ork units across the battlefield, bypassing enemy lines and striking where they are least expected.
  • Ere We Go!: This power enhances the speed and ferocity of nearby Ork units, allowing them to charge into combat with even greater force.
  • Frazzle: Some Weirdboys can unleash bolts of crackling energy to smite their enemies from afar, frying them to a crisp with raw Waaagh! energy.

Unpredictability: Weirdboys are notorious for their unpredictable nature. If their powers are not properly controlled, they can suffer from "da Waaagh! energy backlash," causing them to suffer physical harm or even explode in a catastrophic psychic backlash that can devastate nearby Orks.

Role: Weirdboys serve as both spiritual leaders and weapons of mass destruction within Ork society. They are revered figures among the Orks, seen as conduits of the Waaagh! energy and embodiments of Ork power and might. In battle, they can turn the tide of combat with their psychic abilities, teleporting Ork units across the battlefield or unleashing devastating attacks on enemy forces.

Orkish Kultur: Weirdboys embody many aspects of Ork kultur, from their love of violence and destruction to their reverence for psychic power. They are seen as living conduits of the Waaagh! energy, tapping into the collective strength and belief of the Ork race to perform feats of incredible power and devastation.

Combat Tactics: In battle, Weirdboys often accompany Ork warbands, using their psychic abilities to support Ork units and unleash havoc on enemy forces. They are typically positioned at the heart of the Ork army, where their powers can have the greatest impact on the flow of battle.

Overall, Weirdboys are powerful and enigmatic figures within Ork society, capable of wielding incredible psychic power and unleashing devastation on the battlefield. While their powers may be unpredictable, their presence alone is often enough to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies and inspire awe among their fellow Orks.

his pack contains one Ork Weirdboy - a finely detailed resin cast kit that comes in seven components, and is supplied with a 40mm round base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Super Glue and Citadel Paints.

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