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Meks are Orks with an innate talent for all things mechanical. They possess an intuitive understanding of technology, allowing them to construct, repair, and modify all manner of Ork machinery, from simple shootas to massive war machines like Stompas and Gargants.

Role: Meks fulfill a variety of roles within Ork society:

  1. Engineers and Mechanics: Meks are the primary builders and maintainers of Ork technology. They scavenge, steal, and cobble together whatever parts they can find to create powerful war machines and deadly weapons.
  2. Inventors and Tinkerers: Meks are constantly experimenting with new designs and modifications, seeking to create bigger, louder, and more destructive weapons and vehicles. Their workshops are filled with bizarre contraptions and prototypes, many of which are as likely to explode as they are to work as intended.
  3. Field Support: Meks often accompany Ork warbands into battle, providing on-the-spot repairs and upgrades to Ork vehicles and equipment. They can jury-rig damaged machinery back into working order with little more than a few spare parts and a well-placed smack of a wrench.


  • Technical Aptitude: Meks possess an innate understanding of technology, allowing them to work miracles with even the most basic of tools and materials.
  • Improvisation: Meks are masters of improvisation, able to turn scrap metal, spare parts, and sheer willpower into functional war machines and deadly weapons.
  • Resourcefulness: Meks are skilled scavengers, always on the lookout for new materials and components to add to their inventories. They can make use of almost anything they find, from wrecked vehicles to discarded bits of machinery.
  • Combat Modifications: In addition to building and repairing vehicles and equipment, Meks can also outfit Ork units with specialized gear and modifications to make them deadlier in battle.

Orkish Kultur: Meks embody many aspects of Ork kultur, from their love of loud, powerful machinery to their disdain for rules and regulations. To Orks, Meks are revered figures, seen as both mad scientists and cunning engineers whose creations are as deadly as they are unpredictable.

In Battle: In battle, Meks are often found at the forefront of Ork assaults, leading the charge in heavily modified vehicles or stomping across the battlefield in towering mechs. They inspire fear and awe in their fellow Orks, who know that with a Mek on their side, anything is possible.

Overall, the Mekboy is a central figure in Ork society, embodying the greenskins' love for destruction and their instinctual knack for tinkering with machines. Whether you're an Ork looking for a bigger, louder gun or an enemy unfortunate enough to be caught in the crosshairs of a Mek's creations, encountering one of these mechanical geniuses is sure to be an unforgettable experience.


This single frame plastic Mek is armed with a kustom mega slugga and mek’s tools. This kit comes with a 32 mm round base.

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