Warhammer Orks Dakkajet New

$ 80.75 CAD

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There’s nothing more satisfying to an Ork than going fast, having lots of "dakka", and screaming Waaagh! really loudly. Mastering all three of these aspects, these improvised flying machines are covered in improbable weaponry and piloted by the maddest Mekboyz. Wazbom Blastajets fly in tight mob formations, competing to see who can blow stuff up in the most hilarious manner. The more hapless enemies dissolved by searing energies, teleported into oblivion or hurled through the skies to their messy demise the better – every kill means more scrap for the Mekboyz to gather up and nail to their Blastajet squadrons.

This plastic kit can also be assembled as a Burna-Bommer, a Blitza-Bommer, or a Wazbom Blastajet. Includes a flying stem and a Citadel 120mmx92mm Oval base. 

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