Warhammer Space Marines IRON HANDS FEIRROS New

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Feirros is considered a maverick by the Iron Council, as he continues to cling to emotion and refuses augmentation to purge it from his mind. To Feirros true wisdom lies in the balance between logic and emotion - a balance that Ferrus Manus himself was unable to achieve. The fact that Feirros continues to remain Master of the Forge despite these quasi-heretical beliefs is both testament to his skill and his connections, for current elected Chapter Master Kardan Stronos was once the Iron Father's pupil and continues to hold him in great respect. Though Feirros does not seek to overthrow the Chapter's long-held views, many within the Iron Council consider his influence corrupting. Nonetheless Battle-Brothers revere him, and he continues to act as a counterbalance to the false solace of logic. If the Iron Hands had a soul, it would be Malkaan Feirros.

This 17-part plastic kit makes one Iron Father Feirros and is supplied with one Citadel 40mm Round Base.

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