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Ratling Snipers are a unique and specialized unit within the Astra Militarum (formerly known as the Imperial Guard) in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. These diminutive sharpshooters are known for their exceptional marksmanship and the ability to eliminate high-value targets from a distance. Here's an overview of the Ratling Snipers:

Small Stature, Great Skill: Ratling Snipers are physically smaller than regular Guardsmen and have a distinctive appearance with hunched postures and unique clothing. Despite their diminutive size, they possess remarkable skill as snipers.

Exceptional Marksmanship: Ratling Snipers are renowned for their uncanny accuracy and precision when firing their sniper rifles. They can pick off enemy leaders, heavy weapon crews, and other critical targets with ease, making them valuable assets on the battlefield.

Silent and Stealthy: Ratlings excel at remaining hidden and undetected, allowing them to infiltrate enemy lines and set up concealed sniper positions. Their natural ability to blend into their surroundings and their patience make them effective hunters.

Sniper Rifles: Ratling Snipers are typically armed with long-range sniper rifles that are equipped with powerful scopes for enhanced accuracy. These rifles are capable of delivering devastating shots from a distance.

Independent Operatives: Ratling Snipers often operate independently or in small teams, strategically positioned to provide overwatch and eliminate key threats. Their autonomy allows them to adapt to changing battlefield conditions and priorities.

Unconventional Allies: Ratlings have a reputation for enjoying their vices, particularly when it comes to food and drink. They are known for their love of meals and snacks, which can be an unexpected source of humor in the grimdark setting of Warhammer 40,000.

Miniature Models: In the tabletop wargame, players can field Ratling Snipers as a specialized unit in their Astra Militarum army. Each Ratling Sniper is represented by a miniature model, which can be assembled and painted to reflect their unique appearance and equipment.

Strategic Use: Ratling Snipers are often used to target enemy characters, snipe special weapon crews, or disrupt enemy plans. Their ability to eliminate key threats from afar can significantly impact the outcome of battles.

In summary, Ratling Snipers are a distinctive and valuable addition to the Astra Militarum, providing precision firepower and stealthy capabilities. Their exceptional marksmanship and unassuming appearance make them effective at eliminating high-priority targets on the battlefield, contributing to the overall success of the Imperial Guard.

Contains 5 sniper models and 5 25mm bases

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