Warhammer Dark Eldar Ravager New

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Ravager a heavy support variant of the Drukhari Raider chassis, with space normally reserved for Kabal members filled up with two additional sponsons. The changes made can be seen with the mounting of three devastatingly powerful heavy weapons. Upon the battlefield it fulfils the role of armoured fire support, engaging the heaviest of enemy targets, though in comparison to one of the Imperium's tanks, it is akin to a swift-winged raptor to a lumbering beast of burden. Ravagers are so fast and manoeuverable that they can ambush an enemy tank and destroy it in a single devastating pass, disappearing again before the enemy knows what hit them.

This box set contains one multi-part Drukhari Ravager. This 157-piece set includes: darklances, disintegrator cannons, a selection of aethersail configurations and prow designs that allow you to create a whole armada of distinctive Ravagers. Model supplied with a large flying base.

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