Warhammer Chaos Space Marines Helbrute New

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Each Helbrute holds a creature in a plated metal chest-a chaos space marine driven to the brink of madness. The burial of these twisted Dreadnought provocations is not an honor-it's a living and painful death-so it's not surprising that most Helbrutes are completely psychotic.

This plastic kit creates one Helbrute with a wide variety of weapon combinations. The left arm can be equipped with a Thunder Hammer, Energy Scourge, Rocket Launcher, and Energy Fist. The right arm has the option of equipping a Power Fist, Dual Barrel Heavy Bolter, Dual Barrel Las Cannon, Reaper Auto Cannon, Multi Melter, or Plasma Cannon.

Poseable at the waist and shoulders, this kit is packed with options for customization. Your Helbrute can look in different directions with a choice of 6 ball jointed heads. There are also 3 sets of horns for the sarcophagus and 2 shoulder pads for the left arm. The power fists can be upgraded to include a combi-bolter or a heavy flamer and you can choose to power your Helbrutes’ weapons with pipes or blood tanks.

This plastic kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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