Warhammer Chaos Space Marine Terminators New

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Chaos Terminators are heavily armored veterans in worn-out tactical Dreadnought armor. They are their master's elite warriors, as although they are heavy compared to their comrades in powerful armor, a dedicated anti-tank laser can stop the Terminator from confronting. Cup-bearers have spikes protruding from their large shoulders, the skulls of their enemies are barbaric testimony to their bearer's martial prowess. The helmets became angelic masks that sprouted large tusks and shaved horns, many of which fused directly into the skulls of their wearers.

Chaos Terminators are excellent all-round fighters. Not only does their Terminator armor give them superior survivability compared to other Chaos Space Marine units, but their massive size and creepy loot rack really set them apart. on the battlefield.

The set includes 5 multipart plastic Chaos Terminators, each of which can be equipped with a variety of melee and ranged weapons. The following weapon options are included in the kit.

- 1 chain axe
- 1 chainfist
- 1 power sword
- 1 power axe
- 1 power maul
- 2 power fists
- 2 lightning claws
- 1 heavy flamer
- 1 reaper autocannon
- 5 combi-weapons

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