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The Lord of The Rings: Villains of Eriador Figure Pack New

  • This Is an Expansion to The Lord of The Rings Journeys in Middle-Earth Board Game: This Is Not a Standalone Product. the Lord of The Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth Core Set Required to Play.
  • Epic Adventure Game: Form Your Fellowship and Set out On Your Own Adventures in This Fully-Cooperative, App-Supported Board Game Set in The Fantastical Land of Middle-Earth! as The Dark Forces Gather, Players Band Together to Unravel Mysteries, Make Courageous Choices, and Fight Against the Evil that Threatens the Land.
  • Cooperative Strategy Game: As Heroes of The Free Peoples of Middle-Earth, Prepare Your Skills and Test Your Might and Wisdom in Combat Against the Encroaching Darkness. Work Together with The Rest of Your Party to Survive a Series of Perilous Adventures that Sees You Battling Powerful Foes, Discovering Lost Treasures, Uncovering Forgotten Lore and More.
  • Villains of Eriador: Bring the Dastardly Villains You Face in These Campaigns to Life with This Figure Pack. Contains Three Detailed, Unpainted Plastic Figures that Bring the Gulgotar, Atarin, and Coalfang Enemies from These Campaigns to Life on Your Tabletop, Plus Six New Trinkets and Three Exciting New Titles to Help You Combat Them.
  • Number of Players and Average Playtime: This Epic Adventure Board Game for Adults and Teens Is Made for 1 to 5 Players and Is Suitable for Ages 14 and Older. Average Playtime Is Approximately One Hour.