Star Wars Legion Barricades Pack New

$ 21.25 CAD

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Decorate your games with more terrain and provide cover for your troopers with the Barricades Pack for Star Wars: Legion! Within this expansion, you’ll find eight unpainted barricades, identical to the barricades included in the Star Wars: Legion Core Set. By doubling your supply of barricades, you can create even more variety in your battles, sprinkling barricades across the field and providing places for units on either side to hunker down and take refuge from enemy fire. Either way, the Barricades Pack invites you to bring a little more Star Wars flavor into your planetary battles. An accessory terrain pack for Star Wars: Legion Contains eight unpainted barricade miniatures, identical to the ones included in the Core Set Provide heavy cover for your troopers to hunker behind by placing these barricades on the battlefield Decorate your battles with barricades to more fully evoke the Star Wars universe.