Mr. Hobby Gundam Marker Set - Seed Marker New

$ 22.00 CAD

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Based on the colors of Gundam SEED, this 6-pack of Gundam Markers is great for applying color to small parts on model kits like GunPla. Paint can also be extracted into a small tray to be hand brushed on or used with sold separately Gundam Marker Airbrush. Shake before use.

Product Features

  • Set of 6 markers
  • 5 Chisel type marker tips and 1 Fine tip marker for panel lines
  • For painting Gundam or similar model kits
  • Perfect for customizing and detailing
  • Shake before use

Box Contents

  • Seed Red (GM40) marker
  • Seed Yellow (GM41) marker
  • Seed White (GM42) marker
  • Seed Blue (GM43) marker
  • Seed Gray (GM44) marker
  • Seed Dark Blue (GM45) marker