Lost Kingdoms Mongobbo Ogodoi Khan - 3D Printed

$ 1.00 CAD

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Disclaimers and Notes:

  • Please note, this listing is for a custom made and printed 3D Model. As such, please take special note of all the disclaimers below to ensure you are aware of what you are buying and to avoid potential disappointment.

  • Please note that we are only writing these disclaimers to protect ourselves from claims, as well as to try to set proper expectations. That being said, we will do our best to print quality miniatures as well as work with you for major issues.

  • Models come unassembled and unpainted. Instructions are not provided. Bases are not provided. If you require bases, we do sell some in our store separately. 

  • 3D Printed models may have some imperfections and flaws when created. These are not the same as mass manufactured plastic or pewter sculpts from larger companies. Please expect some flaws or potential damage that may need to be addressed. 

  • We will bubble pack all miniatures and ship within a box. However, some damage might be unavoidable and repairs may be needed in some cases. 

  • Under our discretion, if there is a major flaw or issue with the model, we may offer a replacement or discount that we feel is necessary. This is not a guarantee, but we will do our best to help resolve your issues if we feel it is major enough and something that we shouldn't have missed. In the case of a replacement, we will send it on a future order or you may pay shipping again. 

  • If the model is not in stock, you may request us to print it for you. Please note all custom jobs must be paid in advance and will have a lead time associated with them. If it is printed on demand, we can not guarantee the exact time it will ready but will try to provide an estimate. If the item is in stock, then that means we have it on hand and ready to ship.