Kromlech Orc Boss on Blitzbike 1 New

$ 39.00 CAD

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The roar of running engines combined with the sound of various guns firing can be deafening, but it is like the sweetest music for orcs ears. This bike is as deadly as it is fast - there are not many things that can stop its charge!

This set contains one multi part high quality resin model of Orc Boss on Blitzbike. Orginally member of the infamous Dreadsmasha Blitzbike Boss Squad it may also be used as a leader of ordinary orc bikers.

Set contents: Orc Boss on huge bike with massive track at the rear, lethal autocannon mounted into front armour, two melee weapon options - deadly Crusher and chain axe, sidecar with maniac Gobbo gunner. The model can be assembled with or without sidecar.

Includes one 105x70 mm plastic base.

Designed to fit 28mm heroic scale wargames.