Kromlech Mech-Boss Dredsmasha with Retinue (6) New

$ 50.00 CAD

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Formidable warlord from eastern part of the galaxy, Dredsmasha has led a massive force of mechanical monsters, crushing Imperial forces and pillaging hive cities on it's path.

This set contains six high quality resin models:
- Mech-Boss Dredsmasha with optional head and weapons
- Orc Force Field Scrapdrone
- Orc Shokk Kannon Scrapdrone
- Snaggit & Grakzot, his Goblin assistant and standard bearer.
- set exclusive Bat-Gnaw!

Includes three 40mm plastic bases, two 25mm plastic bases and one 32mm plastic base, with flying stands.
Designed to fit 28mm heroic scale wargames.