Kromlech Killa Gnaw 3 New

$ 36.75 CAD

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Killa Gnaw is a fercious ball of death, armed to teeth and hungry beyond imagination!
This set contains one multi part high quality resin model, consisting of 10 parts including 3 head options and 3 exhaust pipes. Additionally you receive weapons of your choice. Includes 60 mm HDF base. Killa Gnaw is approximately 3 inches high.
Designed to fit 28mm heroic scale wargames.
Master model by Robert Kurek.

Possible build options include:

  • Melee Weapon:
    - Drill
    - Krushin' Klaw
    - Buzzsaw

Ranged Weapon:
- Scrap Cannon
- Flamer
- Rokket Launcha
- Heavy Machine Gun