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 Hobby Boss 1/48 F-111 D/e Aardvark New

 The F-111 Aardvark was designed as a all-weather multi-role aircraft by the General Dynamics . It was the result of the requirement in the 1960s for a long range interceptor to US Navy and deep-strike interdictor to USAF, but the Navy versions was failed,, so the project ended as an strike aircraft. The F-111 with a Features as twin-seat,twin-power, wing-wing, a semi-monocoque aircraft, First flight 21 December 1964. first production F-111s were delivered on 18 July 1967. the F-111s total Production was 563 aircraft. F-111A is the early Variants of the F-111 Family, 158 F-111A was built.

This New Release by Hobby Boss Should Be Well Received by Those Who Are Looking for A Better 1/48 F-111. Having Produced the A Model, It Is Now Time to Move on To the More Frequently Seen D and E Versions. the Look of The Kit Reminds Me Quite a Bit of The Hasegawa 1/72 F-111 Series, but There Are Probably only So Many Ways to Mold a Kit Like This. Like the Hasegawa Kit, It Is Designed to Be Built with The Wings Fully Forward, so You Need to Keep that In Mind when It Comes to Shelf Space. I Didn't See Any Swept Back Option.

Once One Is Able to Get the Box Open, a Virtual Plethora of Sprues Awaits One's Eyes. This Is Not a Bare Bones Kit by Any Means and Among Its Features Are Complete Engines, a Separate Escape Pod, a Full Radar Set, Deployed Flaps and Slats for The Wings, and The Ability to Show the Canopy Sections Open or Closed. the Kit Also Includes Rubber Tires and Removable Panels on The Nose Section to Show Off the Equipment Bay. a Most Complete Set of Weapons and Stores Are Also Provided.

Instructions Are Typical of Hobby Boss in That All Twelve Construction Steps Are Well Drawn. They Also Cover Both Sides of Two Large Folded Sheets. a Load out Diagram Is Also Included, Something that Is Quite Helpful in Determining What Goes Where. Markings Are Provided for Two Aircraft. One Is 68-0055, and F-111 E of The 55 Tfs and Wearing the 55th Amu Tail Markings. It Has 'heart Breaker' Nose Art. the Other Is 68-0049 a Specially Painted Plane with Large Tiger Stripes on The Fin and A Tiger's Head Nose Art. the Decals Are Very Nicely Done and Include All the Various Data Markings Needed. a Separate Sheet Contains Markings for The Pods and Weapons.  Even Though the Instrument Panel and Consoles Are Nicely Detailed, You Are Given a Decal to Add to Things. a Full Color Painting and Markings Instruction Sheet Is Provided and The Decals Are Very Nicely Printed. I've Had Good Luck with Hobby Boss Decals so They Should Prove No Issue.