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 The Royal Decapitator is a chillingly iconic figure within the Flesh-eater Courts, embodying the relentless brutality and macabre fervor of their deluded rulers. Here's a glimpse into the lore surrounding this fearsome entity:

Undead Executioner: The Royal Decapitator is a towering figure, clad in tattered regal garb and wielding a massive executioner's axe. It serves as the living embodiment of the court's insatiable hunger for flesh and its twisted obsession with decapitation.

Executioner of the Court: Tasked with meting out the court's savage justice, the Royal Decapitator roams the battlefield in search of victims to add to its grisly tally. It strikes fear into the hearts of both enemies and allies alike, its presence a grim reminder of the court's relentless brutality.

Macabre Rituals: The Royal Decapitator is often accompanied by a retinue of lesser ghouls and courtiers, who eagerly assist in its gruesome work. Together, they perform chilling rituals of decapitation, using their victims' severed heads as grotesque trophies to adorn their master's throne.

Unholy Authority: As a favored servant of the court's delusional rulers, the Royal Decapitator wields considerable authority within the ranks of the Flesh-eater Courts. Its commands are obeyed without question, and its word is law among the court's twisted subjects.

Dark Allegiance: Though feared and reviled by those outside the court, the Royal Decapitator is venerated as a hero and savior by its fellow flesh-eaters. It embodies their most cherished ideals of strength, dominance, and unyielding brutality, inspiring fanatical devotion among its followers.

Eternal Hunger: Like all denizens of the Flesh-eater Courts, the Royal Decapitator is driven by an insatiable hunger for flesh and blood. Its thirst for decapitation is unending, driving it ever onward in its quest to satisfy the court's dark appetites.

In summary, the Royal Decapitator is a terrifying figure within the Flesh-eater Courts, embodying their relentless brutality, macabre rituals, and insatiable hunger for flesh. Feared by enemies and revered by allies, it stands as a grim testament to the court's twisted ideals and unholy authority.

This kit contains nine plastic components and a Citadel 32mm Round Base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.

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