Flames of War Italian P26/40 (75mm) Tanks (x4) New

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P26/40 Heavy Tank Platoon (IBX21)
includes four P26/40 (75mm) Tanks, one 8 Million Bayonet dice and three Unit Cards.

By Italian standards, the P26/40 was a heavy tank, nearly twice the weight of the standard M14/41 medium tank. The P26/40 carried a bigger gun, had more armour, and was faster than the medium tanks putting it a whole generation ahead in tank design, and on a par with the Americans, British, and Germans. The P26/40 was the only Italian tank capable of engaging the British and American Grant and Sherman tanks in a frontal fight. Instead of having to rely on sheer bravery to close with the enemy for flank shots, the P26/40 had the capability of engaging from the advantage of defensive positions.anks would have arrived in Africa as the Second Battle of El Alamein began.