Bolt Action US Army 30 Cal MMG Firing Team New

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Bolt Action US Army 30 Cal MMG Firing Team 

Providing the light machine gun of choice throughout WWII , the M1919A4 .30 Cal saw wide use during the Second World War and for decades beyond.

Pack contains 3 metal figures & 1 gun

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

The Bolt Action US Army 30 Cal MMG (Medium Machine Gun) Firing Team is a set of miniatures for the World War II tabletop wargame Bolt Action. This team represents a US Army machine gun crew equipped with the .30 caliber M1919A4 MMG. The set typically includes a crew of three soldiers: a gunner, a loader, and a spotter.

The gunner operates the M1919A4 MMG, the loader assists by supplying ammunition, and the spotter helps with targeting and ensuring the team remains effective in combat. The M1919A4 MMG is a reliable and powerful weapon capable of delivering sustained fire, making it a crucial asset for providing suppressive fire against enemy infantry and light vehicles.