Bandai RX-78-2 Gundam "Mobile Suit Gundam", Bandai MG 1/100 New

$ 42.50 CAD

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Bandai's Master Grade (MG) "RX-78-2" is meant to attract the mature modeler who remembers growing up with Gundam, but wouldn't think of building the primitive kits that were released when Gundam first was broadcast in 1980 (the original kit is still available, by the way. 700 yen).

Like all the kits in the MG series, the level of detail is superb, and virtually everything moves. Panels on the legs flip open to reveal internal mechanisms. The head has a panel, too. Even the "Core Fighter" cockpit ship can be removed from its belly. Fine mesh parts cover the inside of the chest air intakes for added realism. Three types of hands are included -- open palm, fists, and posable (moving fingers) for gripping any of the several weapons that comes with the kit.

All of Bandai's MG (as well as HG) kits are completely snap-together, and parts are molded in color, so no painting is necessary. Of course, the use of cement and paints will improve the appearance of a finished model. Many of the surface markings are printed right onto the plastic parts to begin with, but the kit includes replacement transfers for those people who wish to paint their work.

The RX-78-3 kit is identical to the RX-78-2 except that it is molded in blue and gray plastic, rather than the more "festive" colors of the original.


The BANDAI logo on the box is BLUE and NOT red