Artel Miniatures - Scout `n` Recon Heavy Weapon Specialist 32mm New

$ 21.00 CAD

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Brand: Artel "W" Miniatures
Type: Miniature
Collection/Faction: Protectors of Humankind

Miniature are not compatible with 28mm heroic scale!

Infiltration, reconnaissance, diversion - their tasks. See everything while remaining unseen - their credo. Strike from the shadows, live no one behind - their way. They are elite force - Scout`n`Recon Squad, vanguard of the Protectors of Humankind.

Sculpted by Bulat Satuchin and Sergey Rynkov

Miniature for wargames, roleplaying tabletops and collecting.

Scale: 32mm

Size: 29mm to the eyes; 34mm total

The kit contains of 13 parts, including optional arms and weapons.

Material: high quality resin.

Miniature is unpainted, unassembled, 32mm base included