Artel Miniatures - Red Fist Bundle - Gobbo`s Glorious Revolushun New

$ 88.50 CAD

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Glory to da Revolushun, fight da Oppreshun! Gobbos has The Iron too - in their Red Blood! Join the Uprising of the Red Fist, fight the Green opressors - take your freedom or die biting!

You`ve asked for gobbos - we have `em now! Some familiar fellas joined the new ones to fight for their Freedom in Glorious Revolushun ov da Red Fist! Recruit your Gobbos in any combinations - grab one, or all of them, or any numbers!

Miniatures for wargames, collecting and roleplaying.

Scale: 28mm.
Average Size: about 18mm from the feet to the eyes.
Material: high quality resin.

Miniatures are unpainted, unassembled, bases included.