Artel Miniatures - Flaming Drakes Squad (female warriors) 28mm New

$ 42.00 CAD

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Brand: Artel "W" Miniatures
Type: Set of Miniatures
Collection/Faction: Starborn Ancients

Destruction is their name. Burning Fury of Starborn Ancients - Flaming Drakes are able to eliminate toughest enemies of their fading race. No armor, no shield can protect from star-hot flame of their weapons and blazing wrath of the Drakes!

Set of мiniatures for wargames, collecting and roleplay. Consists of 21 parts for three female Flaming Drakes Warriors to add to your squads.

Sculpted by Stepan Kotlyarov.

Scale: 28mm.
Average Size: about 46mm.
Material: high quality resin.

Miniatures is unpainted, unassembled, 25mm bases included.