Artel Miniatures Faceless Agents (3 miniatures) New

$ 37.50 CAD

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We say “Nishimura” - we mean “Flesh of steel”, but aside from battle bots and drones Nishimura Corp. has more cards up its sleeve. Nimble and fast Faceless fighters may be regarded as cannon fodder, but they are matchless when it comes to recovering debts. These masked agents have literally nothing but total obedience to their masters and unbeaten agility in combat.

The set contains 3 miniatures, 5 different masks and 2 optional torsos for the female agent


Rarity: 1/12

Cost: 4 points

Size: 1 (human), base - 25mm

HP: 5

MOV: 7

EVA: 9

ARM: 2

CYB: 3

PSY: 3

Combat role: trooper.

Purchasing this set you`ll receive:

  • 3 resin miniatures of Faceless agents (unassembled and unpainted)
  • 3 Character cards
  • 3x25mm bases for the miniature